Friday, 12 April 2013

A rough guide to an HE plan...

Hhm, I've got a rough idea...
The girls will be starting in June after Whitsun week. My idea is to use those last few weeks of summer term to find what works and what doesn't, so I have a good base to jump from for September.
Annie (11) Yr 6
All below will be their spine and we shall go off rabbit trails as needed
Math - MM level to be determined probably 5A/5B she's not good at math
Language Arts - I've got the WWS download the same as Lisa
I may use Evan Moor for other LA she needs, but I also want to read some classics, and I'm liking what I see for Lightning Literature 7, although I may hold her off from that.
Science - still in deliberation, will use EM  daily science, not decided whether to do 5 or 6 will use as spine, going off for deeper discussions.
I'm really liking Apologia Science, Ellen Mchenry science, but may use the BFSU to get a good grounding.
History - Hoping to start with Ancients with both girls I've STOW, and will maybe use EM history pockets. (I have the audio for the first volume)
I'd like to cover British History with Our Island story, which I'm sure I've got an audio of that too in one of my files.Geography - daily geography EM grade 5, but also it will be cross curricular with other subjects
Arts/Craft - Projects that require doing within any of the other subjects, but hoping to be a regular with sketch Tuesday. I'd like to study an artist, perhaps one a month.
Music - This is my weak area, as neither husband and I can read music nor play an instrument, although we do have a great appreciation for it.
I do have friends that can play, and it may be one of those things down the line that a tutor may come in handy. Annie can read music and has a few lessons in keyboard and the guitar  but neither float her boat. If I can fit in a composer I will, maybe just alternate with an artist
Annie's passion is baking, so we will build on that passion and be interest led.
Ruthie - (7) yr2

Math - MM, trying her at level 1B
Language Arts - FFL, WWE good literature, copy work and working on her cursive
Science - Daily Science EM grade 1or 2, I really want to do botany with her and deciding if Apologia Botany will be good to go or to wait, will have to buy it to see. Use BFSU as discussion points.
History - Ancients - same as Annie
Geography - Daily geography with EM grade 1/2, and using geography in other subjects.I'm hoping to do a nature study/journal of some kind with both, this may appeal to Ruthie more than Annie as Ruthie loves to garden which is what we will follow as her interest leads her.
Phew - think it's the first time I've put that into writing.
I'm thinking it may be a bit too much, but that's what June and July is for, to find out if we need to drop, or add...think it will be the former with my two!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Saturday, 16 March 2013

More, just jotting it down - ideas...

I'm really keen on the idea of Math Mammoth along side with perhaps Life of Fred as a maths curriculum. 
Still debating on Conquer maths if I can get a discount, looking at perhaps 6 months for both girls.
Other options are looking at AoPs (Art of Problem Solving) well at least their videos. 

Look at google for online help with math for example chalkboard learning

Also looking at poetry competitions, such as the John Betjemen Competition for Annie, as she loves poetry, but need to look into more sites that help nurture poetry.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Khan Academy - Good for homeschool

By browsing other HE blogs, I've come across a few that have been using 
I have put it here to bookmark.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Free Curriculum - Homeschool

I stumbled across a free curriculum, where a Home Educating mother is putting together lesson plans and has  sorted it out. she has done this for her own children to use, but kindly offered it free to Home-Schooling families.
It is a work in progress, but there is plenty to get started with.

It's called Easy Peasy - All in One Homeschool

I think this is going to prove very useful for me for the academic year Sept2013-2014 , for Annie and Ruth if they come out.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Planning for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

Annie will be going back to her primary school to complete her primary schooling, she will be in year 6, the year they get them to practise SATs and them take them. The plan was that she would go back, but secretly I was hoping she would stay at home with me. We have really enjoyed our 6 weeks together, she has built up her confidence, we have learnt so much, but in reality done little 'school work' and yet education has taken place. There has been lots of baking, she follows recipes of quite complicated cakes with little or no input from me. This is Maths and Science at a basic level, the measurements, timing, sourcing ingrediants, temperatures, what tools to use,, cleanliness and hygiene, looking at healthy options for food, exercise and so on. She has written stories using Story Starters by Karen Androla she has done some Math in text book and online, what has jumped out to me was how she struggles at Math, she is apparently on per with where she should be at her age, but is going to have to work hard to make it a level 4. I feel if she comes out then, I need to go back to basics, I want her to be comfortable with Math, not dreading it. At the Moment I'm looking at Math Mammoth specifically the blue series which is topic based rather than level based. I have just drafted a rough plan of when I want 36 weeks, starting in the September of 2013, since I have a son in high school, it will follow alongside for the most part his school holidays, although we will have extra time. Planning will be key, as for me it's the only way it will work, as these 6 weeks have shown that having ideas is not enough, a lot of time is wasted. I'm seriously considering the file crate idea, the best place I've read ablout it is at By Sun and Candelight dawn the author is so organised! The Americans call them file crates and they seem easy to buy over in the US, but here in the UK I'm struggling, I've found this at Staples
It doest look like it comes with the suspension holders though, it's just got the groves to hang them on, so I'm looking for something a bit cheaper.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jotting down ideas for a Charlotte Mason homeschool...

I still don't know if both girls will be in school in September, or if they will be back at school, or rather Annie will be back at school. So I need to prepare something. I really like Charlotte Mason's ideas,

 see more about her HERE on wiki. 

 More info can be found at CharlotteMason Help Simply Charlotte Mason and the excellent curriculum Ambelside Online 
 Everyone has their own take on it, for the moment I'm going to adapt the ideas as I go along.
A Charlotte Mason Education in a Nutshell 

 So I need to cover Maths, Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, and grammar which is basically Literacy!) and Science, these are the core subjects. I'd like History, Geography and Bible Study, to be integrated. This would include Nature Study. I like the idea of Artist and Composer Study, but will probably include them in the history, unless I can find a simple schedule. Then there's learning another language, we've chosen French, as a recent trip there has instilled enthusiasm, and Tom is doing GCSE French as one of his options. I have plenty of source material, I just need to make or find lesson plans to tie it together. I've ordered a couple of books on Latin and Greek root words, to help with Vocabulary, will review when received and used.
Pyhsical Education, will take the form of swimming, walks, cycling (must dust off bike!)and exercise dvds. We have proper hula hoops, they are good fun too. Art, will include artists materials, and mediums, I may tie in history and studying an artist in this. Ideally I'd like music to be learning the keyboard.It will be watch this space as I personally have no musical ability what so ever.

That leaves handicraft, which in Charlotte mason's terms was sewing, baking, woodwork, all things I think are important but I'm going to encompass  more into it and call it house-keeping with diy thrown in, that's a bit of a mouthful need to come up with a better name...

Looking back on what I've written, it doesn't look too bad, but it's the scheduling, finding out how much needs to be done, I need to keep it simple and light, to allow for free time and to be able to concentrate more on the things we enjoy, as in Annie's case that would be baking.

This is my starting point, off to do more research.

The above websites are brilliant resources to learn about Charlotte Mason, but I also own many books about her, I do own the Original 6 volume series, but it's rather pricey, if you click on the picture, you will see that


  You can instead read her writings for free HERE

A gentler introduction to CM is the books by Catherine Levison ,


or this book by Karen Andreola